If your external security is a concern to you, then Concept will have the solution for you, Our cost effective and reliable security gates, barriers & turnstiles perfectly suit commercial, public or private premises. 

We have an extensive range of Manual Barrier, Automatic Arm Barriers and Swing Gates, all tried and tested to deliver reliable long term great entry barriers. 

You may be looking to find ways of restricting access to your site to those who need to be there (for example where unauthorised visitors are using your car park) as a first line of security. Concept Fire & Security can supply and install a wide range of barrier systems to suit your requirements.

All arm barriers are constructed of high quality steel with light weight aluminium pole arms. An ideal way of securing large perimeters, allowing pedestrian access whilst denying vehicle entry. These durable, hard working access barriers can be locked in either the vertical or horizontal position, providing excellent security to any specified area when required.

Automatic barriers come with flexibility to suit your requirements. We have a choice for either small or larger spans. The barrier system can be interfaced with access control options., such as proximity cards, remote control, vehicle identification tags, keypads and tokens and CCTV systems.