If your external security is a concern to you, then Concept will have the solution for you, Our cost effective and reliable security gates, barriers & turnstiles perfectly suit commercial, public or private premises. 

We offer a wide range of different turnstile gates to suit your needs, we offer half and full height turnstile gates that can be single or bi-directional when in operation. The turnstile and motorised gates can be operated by whoever is cleared to pass through the gate or from a remote location. We try and meet the needs of every individual customer who wants to use turnstile gates to control access to their site.

We can also offer mechanised gates that would allow dismounted cyclists to pass through the gates if they were authorised to do so. This type of gate is perfect for a workplace where by some of the employees regularly cycle to work and keep there bicycle at there workplace during the day. This is how it works; the dismounted cyclist would pass through the turnstile pushing the bicycle through the opened gate. Once the turnstile rotor has completed its rotation it will automatically lock, the gate will remain open for a longer duration to allow the bicycle to clear the gate.