If your external security is a concern to you, then Concept will have the solution for you.  

Our aim is to provide you with objective advice on the most suitable systems to meet your requirements. We are completely independent which means that when it comes to recommending equipment, we don't have any hidden agendas and we are not pressured into pushing one product over another.

Our criteria is simple and open: what's best to protect you, your people and your premises is what we will specify and install. To ensure reliability and ongoing spares support we work with some of the most respected equipment suppliers in the industry such as BPT, Paxton and Pac.

We keep up with the latest technological advances and equipment upgrades so you don't have to research the market.

For advice or a free survey and proposal, please call 0800 4582757 or email us.

Restricting Access for staff, visitors, contractors and patients

If you need to restrict access to sensitive parts of your site, or just control and monitor who has access to different areas then there are a wide range of systems available. These can be stand-alone, or linked to software to track movements and if necessary alert the necessary people. They include swipe and proximity card systems and the latest fingerprint technology. These can also be linked to CCTV systems enabling control room operators to see what's happening instantly when situations occur.

Time and Attendance Monitoring

If you are looking for a system to track the timekeeping or attendance of your employees, we can advise you. For free advice or a free survey and proposal, call us free on 0800 4582757 or email us.