CCTV IP allows you to set up a CCTV network where you will be able to view the images that the cameras are recording over an internet connection. This gives you the ability to view the images being recorded from a remote location, and you will be able to sign in and view your images from almost any computer. The network is completely secure so that only you can view the images being recorded.

All ourĀ IP CCTV systems support modern technology, from megapixel HD CCTV, to intelligent video analytics with hybrid support for analogue systems. IP CCTV Systems include network cameras, a network video recorder and display panels working together to provide a better surveillance experience.

Benefits of CCTV IP are:


CCTV IP can be used over an existing internet connection that you may have, reducing installation costs.


You will have the ability to view your CCTV network from any location, making it easier for you to monitor your network.

Additional cameras

If you decide on more cameras to be added to the network it is easier to connect them to the network.

Remote assistance

It is easier for us to help you with any technical problems by accessing your network from our site.