It is estimated that around 60% of current CCTV installations are financed via lease rental.

After selecting the system, Concept can offer the following payment terms:

• Outright cash purchase

• Rental over any period for 12 months to 6 years

Leasing is now considered as the preferred option for asset finance. Leasing provides the following:

Fixed Payments

Whatever the bank base rates of interests are your rental payments stay the same for the whole period. Therefore providing accurate budgeting.

No up front costs of Balloons at the end

We do not ask for large up front payments or balloons at the end of the rental period. All payments are collected usually quarterly in advance by direct debit.

What happens at the end of the lease?

  • You can upgrade to new more modern equipment
  • You can purchase title of system via ourselves for a sum equivalent to 1 quarters rental
  • You can have the equipment removed

Cash purchase or Lease?

Unless you have cash in your budget and no need to buy anything else then lease is the preferred choice for most of our clients.