We offer three levels of support contract for our customers. In addition to the options below we can also offer bespoke agreements for individual client requirements.


Since 2001 when Concept Fire and Security started installations of CCTV we have found the systems to be extremely reliable and robust.

Unlike other home or office equipment a CCTV system just displays live camera images and records images to a hard drive. These recorded images are viewed, sometimes regularly, sometimes after an incident has occurred.

All of this equipment is solid state electronics which has a reliable and long life. The system moving parts are keyboard and/or front panel control buttons, the CD/DVD Read/Writer which is used only on rare occasions if the police want a copy of an incidence for evidence.

The only moving camera parts, if they are installed, are PTZ and zoom cameras which have motors that drive the camera around 360 degrees and a motor to zoom the camera in and out.

Camera repair or replacement is best carried out by qualified engineers. The first 12 months of a Concept Fire and Security installation is covered by onsite warranty. This includes unlimited telephone support and site visits if there are any adjustments to make or problems to resolve.

After the 12 months warranty Concept Fire and Security offers a maintenance contract on the service levels shown above.