Fitting an Intruder Alarm System is a fast route to peace of mind - and lower insurance premiums. By deterring criminals from even attempting to target your premises and interrupting them if they do, they protect your business from the cost and disruption theft causes.

Not only do we have many years of proven experience specifying and installing systems and making sure they work, we are also completely independent. That means when it comes to recommending equipment, we don't have hidden agendas.

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At Concept Fire and Security we offer you and your business the very best protection, and use a variety of different technologies to provide a first class service. Because your Broadband connection is constantly monitored you get to know if there is any disruption to your business critical communications.

We use Emizon’s Telemetry Communications Device (TCD) to monitor your Alarm System. The TCD is the communications hardware device in the control panel providing the gateway to the Emizon IP service. The TCD establishes secure IP connections through the customer router/firewall for both the primary path; using the wired IP network, and the secondary path, using O2, EE and Vodafone’s GPRS wireless network, to the ARC, across the Emizon Service Platform.

Complete Security With Style

We offer a wide range of Control Panels, Keypads, Detectors and Sounders that work with our app, offering a modern, customised service to protect your business.

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Smoke Cloak

Smoke Cloak will fill an area with a very dense artificial fog reducing visibility to zero, disorientating any intruders.

If the Smoke Cloak unit senses that the density is dropping it will then produce more artificial fog until the Intruder Alarm is deactivated.

  • Smoke Cloak is an excellent deterrent, as the Intruder can’t steal what he can’t see
  • The artificial fog is completely harmless against humans
  • The artificial fog produced will not damage any of your products and equipment

Key Holding

Many businesses have their own employees as key holders for their business and there are draw backs in having your own employees as key holders.

What are the benefits of having an independent professional key holder for your business?

  • Your staff will not have to be woken in the middle of the night for a possible false alarm
  • Your staff will not have to risk their own personal safety by entering an empty building alone
  • Having an independent professional security company as your key holders could possibly lower your insurance premium

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