Fire Systems

Fire Systems

Fire Systems

We start by listening to you. You’ve got a problem and need an intelligent, electronic solution. We look at your specific needs and then design a system to solve your unique problem.

This is also where we start to add value to your system by giving you the right mix of functionality, flexibility and options for future growth in line with your budget.

Our engineers are highly skilled at finding the right equipment to do the job. Collectively our engineering personnel have over 80 years of broad experience. They know what works and what doesn’t and they pass on the benefit of their experience to you.

The ongoing management and maintenance of your building is crucial, ensuring that in the event of a fire your systems act correctly, and in time, to protect the evacuation of your premises.

We work with you, to ensure you comply with your legal obligations, and therefore protect your staff, customers and premises. We work locally and nationwide protecting you and your business.

UK-wide protection for your business or home. Beyond Security

Fire and Smoke Detection

In the event of a fire, of course your major concern is the safety of your people. But fire is also the ultimate threat to the integrity and ongoing function of your business premises and the products or services you provide and these days, with a combination of commercial pressures and legislation, it’s even more important to take the right preventative measures.

Fire safety rules require all non-domestic buildings to complete a full fire risk assessment. The more complex your building is, the more likely you are to need the input of someone with comprehensive training and experience to keep your property safe.

Smoke Control

Dedicated to unbeatable service and technical support, we provide a comprehensive range of Control Panels and equipment for use on smoke and natural ventilation projects, ranging from simple single opening window installations to multi-zone addressable systems incorporating automatic sensing and remote control.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers can often be the first line of defence for your business. With the huge variety available, you need to be sure that the Extinguishers you have will fight the type of fire that starts, and they’re in perfect working order. Fire Extinguishers need to be tailored to individual types of fire. That’s why we supply a complete range of fire Extinguishers: Water, CO2, Foam, Powder & Wet Chemical.

The Extinguishers we supply are designed to be user friendly and effective, with squeeze grip operation, controllable discharge, colour coding to help operators identify the correct extinguisher type and clear instructions.