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What is Fire Stopping and why is it so important?

Fire Door - Fire Stopping - Fire Protection

Fire stopping is a measure used to contain the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases, and to maintain the integrity of the structure of a building. Fire stopping products are designed to act as a barrier between two different sections of the building, such as between floors, walls, and ceilings. The products are designed to provide a physical barrier which will contain fire, smoke, and toxic gases and prevent them from spreading throughout the building.

Why is Fire Stopping important?

Fire stopping is an important part of any building’s safety plan, as it can help prevent the spread of fire and toxic gases in the event of a fire. The products used for fire stopping can also help reduce the risk of structural damage, as the products are designed to withstand high temperatures and contain any fire, smoke, or toxic gases which may be released during a fire.

What types of Fire Stopping is there?

There are a variety of fire stopping products available which can be used for different parts of a building. These products include fire-retardant sealants, fire-resistant boards, fire-resistant cables, fire-resistant doors, fire-resistant windows, and fire-resistant pipes. Fire stopping products can also be used to seal around electrical outlets and ducts, as well as to insulate pipes and wires.

In accordance to the latest British Standards, catering to both Commercial and Domestic needs throughout the UK, we specialise in the Design, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Protection Services using our Bespoke Design Service.

Protecting Lives and Property using Fire Doors and Fire Stopping is at the forefront of our minds; that’s why we tailor each Fire Protection method to the needs of our customer.

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