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Access Control Systems in Cardiff

We are SSAIB Certified

If you need to restrict access to sensitive parts of your site, or just need to control and monitor who has access to areas in your business, then we can offer a wide range of Access Control Systems. From Fobs to Gates and Ticketed Systems, we are the most reliable Security Business in South Wales.

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Access Control: Service

Why have Access Control?

If your external security is a concern, then Concept Fire & Security have the perfect solution for you!

Secure your residential property or business premises with one of the top-of-the-line access control systems that Concept Fire and Security offers. Our team of seasoned security systems experts are ready to provide personalised design, installation, and maintenance services for each of our clients' access control systems, according to their individual home needs or business objectives in Cardiff and across the UK.

Access Control is great if you need to restrict access for Staff, Visitors, Contractors or Patients! 
If you need to limit access to certain parts of your site, or just control who has access to these areas, then we have a wide range of Access Control Solutions for you. These Systems can be stand-alone, or linked to a software to track movements and if necessary, alert key members of staff! 
Our Access Control Systems can include swipe and proximity card systems, and fingerprint technology! 

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Did you know Concept Fire & Security are a UK-wide recognised Security Business?

We protect your Business wherever you are!

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Access Control - Gates and Barriers. Access Control Systems.

Gates and Barriers

Not sure which Gate or Barrier is best suited to your Business needs? No problem, let us call you for a no-obligation chat!

Our cost effective and reliable Security Gates, Barriers or Turnstiles are the perfect solution for commercial, public or even private premises! We have an extensive range of Manual Barriers, Automatic Arm Barriers and Swing Gates, all tried and tested to deliver our Concept Customers with only the best entry barriers! 

You may be looking to find ways of restricting access to your site to those who need to be there, for example where unauthorised visitors are using your car park, as a first line of security. Arm barriers are an ideal way of securing large perimeters, allowing pedestrian access whilst denying vehicle entry.

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Turnstile gate Concept fire and security

Turnstile Gates

We offer half and full height Turnstile Gates that can be single or bidirectional when in operation. The Turnstile and motorised Gates can be operated by whoever is cleared to pass through the gate… or even from a remote location!! 

Mechanised Gates would allow, for example, a dismounted cyclist to pass through, if authorised. Once the Turnstile rotor has completed its rotation, it automatically locks. The Gate remains open for longer durations, allowing, for example, a bicycle to clear the gate. 

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Parking Solutions

Not sure which Parking Solutions are best suited to your Business needs? No problem, let us call you for a no-obligation chat!

The products we offer from this range are; Automated Barrier Gates configured to Access Control systems and/or Ticket or ticketless parking systems for Office blocks and Hotels.
At Concept Fire & Security we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide for our customers and the positive feedback we receive from them. If one of our products does not quite meet your needs then we are very flexible and can provide you with innovative solutions for you and your business needs.

Parking Solutions by Concept Fire and Security
Access Control: Welcome

Access Control Cardiff

Although we serve customers throughout the UK, Concept Fire & Security are a Cardiff-based Security Solutions Firm, that specialise in Design, Installation and Maintenance of Access Control Systems. 

We work with a range of local businesses to protect their premises from Intruders. Could you be the next?

Access Control Maintenance Servicing

Regular maintenance and servicing of Access Control systems are essential in order to ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency, providing the highest level of security protection for an organisation. Regular maintenance helps to identify and address any potential security vulnerabilities and ensures that any necessary upgrades are applied in a timely manner. Additionally, regular maintenance helps to identify and address any hardware or software issues, ensuring that the system remains operational and functioning properly at all times. Concept Fire & Security offer Maintenance and Servicing Packages for your Access Control Systems. Get in touch for your free quote! 

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