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Fire Safety in Cardiff

Providing Fire Security Solutions to protect your family, staff and customers.

In the event of a Fire, of course, your major concern is the safety of your people. But Fire is also the ultimate threat to the integrity and ongoing function of your business premises and the products or services you provide and these days, with a combination of commercial pressures and legislation, it’s even more important to take the right preventative measures.

Fire Safety rules require all non-domestic buildings to complete a full Fire Risk Assessment. The more complex your building is, the more likely you are to need the input of someone with comprehensive training and experience to keep your property safe.

We also offer Emergency Lighting & Nurse Call! 

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Installing Fire Systems

What do we do? 

We start by working with you and listening to you, so we can fully understand how we can help you! We analyse your needs, and tailor a system specific to your requirements!

Concept Fire and Security will add value to your systems, by giving you the right mix of; functionality, flexibility and options for future growth in line with your budget. Our expert engineers are highly skilled at sourcing the right fire equipment for you! After all, we have got over 20 years of experience! We know what works, and what doesn’t. 

Fire Alarms Cardiff

Although we serve customers throughout the UK, Concept Fire & Security are a Cardiff-based Security Solutions Firm, that specialise in Design, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarms and Fire Safety Services. 

We work with a range of local businesses to protect their premises from Fire. Could you be the next?


The ongoing management and maintenance of your Building is crucial! We want to make ensure, that in the event of a Fire, you're Fire Security Solutions act correctly... and in time to protect your premises! At all times, we'll work with you to make sure you comply with legal requirements surrounding Fire Safety, which with therefore protect your Staff, Customers and Building.

Fire and
Smoke Detection

Fire Safety Rules require all non-Domestic buildings to complete a Fire Risk Assessment. The more complex the building, the more likely you're going to need the input of someone with comprehensive training and experience to keep you property safe. 

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers can often be the first line of defence for your Business. With a huge variety available, you need to be sure that the Fire Extinguishers used will be suitable to the Fire that starts, and that they are in working order. 

 Our Extinguishers are user friendly and effective, with squeeze grip operation, controllable discharge, colour coding to help identify the correct Extinguisher type and clear instructions. 

Smoke Control

We provide a comprehensive range of control panels and equipment for use on smoke and natural ventilation projects, ranging from simple single opening window installations, to multi-zone addressable systems. 

We're can also  incorporate automatic sensing and remote control solutions into you Fire Safety needs.

Concept Fire & Security supply a complete range of Fire Extinguishers

Water / CO2



Wet Chemical

Fire Risk Assessment

You must ensure that you have an up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment. 
Under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Associated Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulation 2005, the responsible person must carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment and implement and maintain a Fire Management Plan. Failure to carry this out could result in a Fine, Imprisonment... or both!

Fire Alarm Systems

Concept Fire & Security have built a great reputation providing high quality Fire Alarm Systems within Cardiff and the surrounding areas, to suit a range of needs.
We Install, Maintain and Repair Fire Alarm Systems designed specifically for your Premises. We supply a huge range of Fire Alarms for our Customers! Through careful consultations and a Free Site Survey, we can determine which Fire System is right for you. 
We offer a wide range of Fire Alarm Systems, so why not get in touch to see which one is perfect for you!

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting is one of the most important systems to put in place to protect your Building, but also the people in it! It’s main purpose is to project light and highlight escape routes to Fire Exits. 


Emergency Lighting operates automatically when a Lighting Circuit loses Mains Power Supply. 

In the Event of a Fire, safe evacuation is paramount. Concept Fire & Security make sure all Emergency Light Installations and Maintenance are fully compliant! 


According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is essential to provide Emergency Lighting to non-domestic buildings and Houses of Multiple Occupancy to illuminate Exists and Escape Routes. 

Disabled Refuge Alarm

Disabled Refuge Systems are a requirement in non-domestic buildings above one story. Refuge Areas must be provided on all levels including Basements with the exception of ground floor level. 


People in each Refuge Area need to be able to inform Staff of their presence in an emergency. Disabled Refuge Substations can be used to call for assistance and also to reassure the public until help arrives.

Concept Fire & Security offer a complete design service for disabled refuge systems. We also offer maintenance, including routine inspections in accordance with BS5839 Pt9. Regular system maintenance is a requirement of this standard and helps ensure that systems are kept fully functional in preparation for emergency evacuations etc.


System support

We can provide 24 hour, 7 day ongoing system support for all disabled refuge systems.

Disabled Toilet Alarm

According to BS8300:2001 Standards, new accessible Toilets should have the following features as standard:


  • Disabled WC Alarm

  • Disabled WC Alarm Controller, with an audible alarm and visual LED. This would usually be situated in a manned building management room or reception.

  • Ceiling Pull Switch with LED. This is a red pull string with two handles; one at floor level and one reachable from the WC.

  • Reset Point with LED reachable from a wheelchair and the WC, so that if the cord is pulled in error, this can be quickly cancelled by the disabled toilet user.

  • An overdoor Light/ Sounder, usually over the door on the outside, so as to attract attention of persons nearby.


A Disabled Call Alarm Signal should be distinguishable audibly and visually from the Fire Alarm.

Concept Fire & Security Engineers are experts in installing, maintaining and testing all major brands of disabled WC alarm systems.


Call today for more information on:  0800 4582757.

Nurse Call

Depending on the size and scope of your requirements, Concept can help choose the right system to match your requirements and budget. 

Our Designers and Enstallers are trained directly by the Manufacturers to ensure upmost levels of quality and reliability. We also provide a comprehensive maintenance package for a multitude of call systems such as:


  1. Conventional – Residents are able to call staff through hardwired pull cords or push buttons.

  2. Addressable – systems offering a more robust solution for Nurse Call, Dementia Care, staff protection and emergency assistance.

  3. Panic Alarm – sounded in time of emergency, this feature can also be linked to an external monitoring service, ideal for lone workers.

  4. Access monitoring  – updates Carers to each service users whereabouts at any one time.

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