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Fire Alarm System upgrade at St David's Hall, Cardiff

Concept Fire & Security is delighted to announce that we have recently completed the upgrade of the Fire Alarm System at St David’s Hall, Cardiff.

St David's Hall is ranked one of the World's Best-Sounding Concert Halls and holds over 2,000 people at one time. It was an honour to be able to provide industry-leading Fire Security to ensure all fire regulations were met. The safety of visitors and staff was paramount in this project.

This Addressable Fire Alarm installation comprised of over 640 devices via 7 Networked panels over 8 floors! Not only was this a large project, but a complex one due to the building being open to the public during that time. We, therefore, had to liaise with on-site staff and security personnel to ensure there were no disturbances to events during the installation process.

During the initial stages of development, we also had to contend with COVID restrictions, which meant we had to plan ahead and have all relevant instructions in place and signed off.

The system was designed by Schneider Electric for Cardiff County Council, and it was a pleasure to work with all those involved.

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Franck Ribery
Franck Ribery
Jun 13, 2023

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