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Welcome, Molly!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

This week we welcomed a very important member of the team, Archie’s new office buddy Little Molly.

Molly is a rescue, who unfortunately didn’t have the best start in life, but thanks to the Red Foundation she’s now with our big family having a great time.

Molly’s Story;

Molly was rescued by the Red Foundation around 6 months ago! Molly was left in pretty poor condition, so was taken in by a lovely lady who gave her much-needed rest, love & Rehab.

Molly didn’t have the usual “Puppy” life you would expect. She never lived in a home & had no muscle tone on her legs. Molly was also covered in a rash & the vets think this was due to poor living conditions. Thankfully, she is coming around & has started playing with toys that she’s never had before & has developed a lovely little personality.

We’re all pleased to welcome Molly, especially Archie as he has a new partner in crime to bark & play with.

We're proud to work with local Animal Rescue Charities.

You could too!

There are multiple Animal Rescue and Welfare Centres in Cardiff such as: Cardiff's Dogs Home, Hope Rescue, Wild at Heart Foundation and Dogs Trust.

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