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Biomas Plant – Neath, Portalbot.

Biomas Plant – Neath, Portalbot.

Installation of 11 camera IP HIK Vision CCTV system at a Biomas plant in Neath, Port Talbot.

This is now one of four upcoming sites we will be completing for our new client, who was passed to us from a long standing client on the back of a glowing referral.

The system comprises of Acusense cameras installed with 350mm pendant drop mount brackets, which provides a detailed vantage point for the main HQ office to monitor activity and productivity at the plant, along with protecting the H&S and wellbeing of the employees. We have then installed bullet cameras, to monitor the chipping storage containers and provide a general overview of the factory.

As the client had no broadband or active networks at the premises, our sales team and technicians built an internal mini network, comprising of a CSL 4G fixed network standalone router. This now provides our client with the ability to both monitor and receive alerts out of hours from the camera system.

We were also awarded the contract for the Annual Fire alarm and Aspiration system service. We retro fitted this IP65 External window vision surround to protect and preserve the longevity of the C-tec addressable Fire alarm system, we also installed a Grade 3 Pro Insurance approved Dual com monitoring device from CSL, which is now monitored via our central monitoring station with brigade and keyholder response.

We are extremely happy to have been awarded this contract and welcome our new client on board to the Concept family.

Well done to our amazing technicians as always on a fantastic installation.

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Nov 21, 2022

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